Book About Awesomeness of Red Hair
I grew up with a redheaded mother and sister, so I was already accustomed to the bizarre reactions of the general public to a redheaded child by the time my own coppertop daughter came along in 2004. Not so much for author Nicole Giladi, who was stunned by her boy, as well as the reaction of the outside world to his ginger locks.

For those of you who think the where the heck did THAT come from? reaction to red hair can be a bit much (oh and trust me – I do not exaggerate), Nicole has come out with Little Redheads Across America. The book features more redheads than you can shake a stick at, beautifully photographed and framed with fun facts about redheads, well, across America.

Yes, redheads in every state. Just to remind you that no, you are not alone, redheaded children. We just all wish we had your hair. –Rita

Grab your own copy of Little Redheads Across America at

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