Baby mukluks
Maybe it’s because the last thing I need is a gigunda boot at the bottom of my already huge ankles, or because it’s currently 65 degrees outside in Atlanta in the middle of January, but either way, I’ve yet to embrace the Mukluks trend.

When I saw these Giselle mukluks (read: big furry boots) from Aurelia and Annalise, I admit I jumped right on that bandwagon. At least when it comes to my infant daughter. Handcrafted from a combo of faux suede and faux fur, these booties are a stylish way to keep those wee toes warm even in polar climates.

Now all she needs is a pair of skinny jeans and she’d blend right in at Sundance. -Kristen

Check out all the awesome handmade baby booties at Aurelia and Annalise.


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