Hey you guyyyyyyyys! Let me just come right out and say the new Electric Company kids’ show on PBS does not disappoint, and,
believe me, I was worried. In fact, my first reaction to the relaunch
was one of skepticism. How could they mess with Easy Reader?

instead of trying to remake the original show, The Electric Company series
that launches today presents a fresh new story line built around diverse, urban kids
with super literacy powers. The show’s emphasis is still on reading, but
the look, sound and feel is very “now.” The music and dancing are first-rate, which should be expected considering people
from Broadway’s In the Heights developed the music for the
series. And while guest stars abound, your kids will probably be more
interested in the words they’re learning than the celebs. I
take that as a good sign.

My daughter, upon seeing an advance
copy of the first episodes announced, “When The Electric Company comes
out, it’s going to be my favorite show on the planet.” I understand. –Christina

The Electric Company premieres today, January 19th, with a special two-hour sneak peak marathon on your local PBS station. It’ll join the regular PBS lineup on Friday, January 23rd.


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