Fortune telling book of names
Enough with those baby name books filled with what seem to be a lot of arbitrary meanings. I’m sorry, Madison does not mean “Son of Maud” – it means “I fell in love with Daryl Hannah in Splash when I was a kid too.”

So as far as baby name books go, I’m totally digging the Fortune Telling Book of Names. This pocket sized, faux leather bound, canary-yellow (gender neutral!) tome is a fun little guide to thousands of names and the fortune each one holds. If you’ve got a Sadie at home, she’s destined for great love, and your little Jackson will find success after spending time considering his options. Are the fortunes legit? Who cares!

In the back there’s also a fun little primer on numerology. Turns out Liz is a “2” – imaginative, sensitive and um…private. Oh well, two out of three. –Liz

Find The Fortune Telling Book of Names by A.M. McCloud from

Congratulations to Mary A, winner of the Fortune Telling Book of Names!

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