Mini Mosaic Interchangeable Necklace
I’m intrigued by the idea of versatile, interchangeable jewelry; however, I have to admit that interchangeable rings, necklaces and bracelets of the sort I usually see at the jewelry store rarely strike me as something I’d actually wear. But when I saw Mini Mosaic, I completely changed my mind.

Created by jewelry designer and stay-at-home-mom Alisa Wetzel, this interchangeable necklace features a simple, dainty sterling silver pendant that holds a variety of square tiles. Pick from modern patterns, vintage designs, or even replicas of real artwork. Just pull the silver chain up, slide the tile out, and replace it with whatever fits your mood. Perfect for moms like me who are running on half a brain cell these days.

The initial necklace is pricey but adding the charms really isn’t– for under $100 total, you’re basically getting three necklaces. And I’m pretty sure no one will guess that it’s all the same one. They’ll just be asking you where you got it. -Kristen

Congratulations Kelly Ann, lucky winner of the Mini Mosaic necklace and tiles!

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