how to be a pirateWhen I go to teacher conferences, the thing I hear the most about my son– always said with great reverence– is, Wow, he sure likes to read! I come from an entire family of readers, so this doesn’t seem odd to me… but it is odd, because boys trail girls in literacy, and often it takes extra effort to get them into a book when there are video games to be played.

One mother decided to take matters into her own hands, and that’s when Book Club 4 Boys was born. Not only does her blog make recommendations on some fabulous, sometimes-overlooked reads that your son will love, there are book discussion guides, activity outlines, and helpful suggestions on how to set up and structure your book club, too.

And don’t miss the list of Biggest Belch Award recipients — all guaranteed to evoke any young man’s highest accolade. -Mir

Check out the Book Club 4 Boys to get your favorite boy excited about reading books like How to Be a Pirate, shown here.