build a kid tee
There are so many tees out there attributing characteristics to a kid– rock star, diva, chick magnet– that probably better reflect the parents’ aspirations than any actual aptitude on the part of the pint-sized t-shirt wearer. I have no doubt that we’re raising a whole generation of tech geeks who are going to have those “rock star” onesie photographs in their baby books.

As an alternative, check out what dad-run Sandbox Threads is doing with their Build-a-Kid onesies and tees. Pick up to five words that describe your child from a list of nearly fifty, and they’ll put it on a custom onesie or kids’ t-shirt, tag cloud style.

My daughter is currently parading around in run, draw, jump, swing, pretend on a cute pink raglan style tee. And I can assure you all of the above actually do apply. Although if we had gotten a sixth word, it definitely would have been cookies. –Liz

Find the custom kids’ tees and onesies galore at Sandbox Threads

Congratulations to Kelly G, winner of a Build-a-Kid onesie or tee!

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