utility home mod mints in designer tinsThe name is something of a misnomer, because everything at designer Susan Fisher’s utility:home is a bright, shiny reminder that even the ordinary can look extraordinary.

Their greeting cards are fabulous, of course — the patterns pop, and even the brightly-colored envelopes feel festive — but their fanciful prints also come on little boxes of “mod mints” (pictured), matchboxes, and party coasters. Not only did one of those fab boxes get an “oooh” out of the child digging in my purse for candy, she commented (rightly so) that the mints’ taste is reminiscent of ones fancy restaurants offer at the end of the meal. I’m telling you — fancy. And fabulous. -Mir

Shop for notecards, housewares and those awesome mints the at the new utility:home online store or shops like Plum Party.

Congratulations to Sarah R, winner of the note card sampler pack!