Escape to Witch Mountain original kids' movie
“Mom! They aren’t wearing seat belts!”

It’s funny what my kids and I noticed while we watched the re-released
classic Escape To Witch Mountain on DVD. Kids sitting in the front seat
without a seat belt, a “car phone” that has a cord into the dashboard,
and even the passing complaint about how expensive gas is—when it
costs $10 to fill the tank of a camper. Hey, it was the  70’s.

Ah, but despite some of these generational differences, the original  story (which, as we all know, always trounces a remake) of two lovable orphans is just as gripping to my
kids today as it was to me some 30-some years ago.

In case you need a
refresher like I did, the classic version of the story revolves around Tony and Tia, siblings with psychic powers who are locked up by a rich millionaire as his own personal money makers. Sure the special effects aren’t nearly as sophisticated as what kids
see in movies now. But watching
a camper flying through the air and two smart kids outsmarting an entire
platoon of bumbling adults will always be magical. -Christina

The newly released Escape To Witch Mountain and its sequel, Return From Witch Mountain, are available at Amazon.

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