Naturally Nora all-natural cake mixI’m one of those really obnoxious food snobs who turns up her nose at boxed cake mixes. But here’s my secret: I always kind of wished I was the type of person who didn’t. Mixes provide a lot fewer opportunities for giant messes, and they truly do take less time. But every time I start to take the plunge, I look at the long, scary ingredients list and go back to scratch.

Then I found Naturally Nora.

These delicious cake mixes and natural frosting mixes look just like the kid-centric cake mixes at the supermarket with the wacky sprinkles, but the ingredients are so much more appealing. I can pronounce every single item, and as a mom, I have to say that I get a real kick out of the fact that rainbow dots get their color from natural sources like elderberry, turmeric and spinach extract.

A cake with spinach in it that my kids both love? That’s pretty remarkable. –Danielle

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