One Big Happy Family book about modern parenthood
I may have a family that looks like we come from a 1950s-era sitcom, complete with curly-haired children and a husband who carries a briefcase, but ours isn’t the only recipe for domestic bliss.

Acclaimed writer and activist Rebecca Walker delves into the details of modern family units in her new anthology, One Big Happy Family. These eye-opening essays helped me more fully appreciate the commitment
that every family makes to staying together.  In fact, I’d say that
I’ve got it pretty easy by comparison.

The book compiles essays from writers living in a variety of non-traditional situations, facing hurdles that our parents’ generation never discussed — a dark-skinned mother who is assumed to be her son’s nanny, and another mother who is raising her bi-racial preemie twins in a foreign country with her mother-in-law.

It was fascinating to read about the ways in which other families live and love together, even if I don’t ever foresee being in a polyamorous marriage myself.  Well, never say never, right? -Julie

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Congratulations to Ehud L, lucky winner of a copy of One Big Happy Family!

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