I could not be more thrilled to share this wonderful interview with award-winning TV reporter/producer/mom Kate Brookes, author of the upcoming Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World. While our conversation is super helpful for parents looking for advice on raising a trans or gender-nonconforming kid, she’s really got a universal message to help all parents raise children who struggle with individuality, doing their own thing, or are just on their own path to finding their true selves.

Hopefully, that’s all of our kids.

Kate is funny, she’s candid, she’s absolutely captivating, and I think if you’re a compassionate parent, you’re going to love hearing her perspective on how we can all do the best by our kids, whatever their paths or identities.

"Acceptance is protection" Kate Brookes, author of Transister, on the importance of supporting trans and gender-nonconforming kids

We talk about:
– How Kate came to realize she “botched the birth announcement” of her twins
– How her trans daughter’s revelation impacted her twin brother
– How we can better let our kids figure out who they are.
– The personal impact of attacks on LGBTQ people to score political points.
– What we get wrong about gender-affirming care.
– The statistics around affirmation and support for any child, and how it impacts mental health outcomes for all kids.

Listen right now, and make sure you’re a Spawned podcast subscriber!

Resources from this episode:
This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids by Kristen Russo
Ackerman Institute for the Family
The Trevor Project
PFLAG and a great list of resources
Gender Revolution Documentary with Katie Couric, now on Disney+ (Additional content on YouTube)
John Hopkins Center for Transgender and Gender Expansive Health
– More resources for supporting and protecting vulnerable trans kids

Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World by Kate Brookes
You can preorder Transister: Raising Twins in a Gender-Bending World now on Amazon or from your local indie bookstore.

Cool Picks of the Week:
Kate: You Be You t-shirts, a small business created by a mother-daughter team that gives back to a good cause
Liz: Presently Bracelets help support mental health efforts in tangible ways, and inspired me to write this article on my Substack.

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