Pirate Supply Kit for kidsAs the only boy with two older sisters, my son knows that he may get
stuck playing dolls or carrying his toy cars around in a sparkly pink
bag. He has always been a good sport when playing dress-up,
donning whatever his sisters put on him, but I think it’s high time he had some cool dress-up items of his own.

Take this awesome Pirate Supply Kit by California designer Miss
Natalie. With a red bandanna on his head, black patch over his eye and
Polly the Parrot pin to perch on his shoulder, my son can easily transform into a
fearsome pirate. This kit even comes with wooden coins, a weathered
treasure map and message in a bottle so that simple dress-up game can turn
into an afternoon of treasure hunting and adventure on the high seas.

I’m willing to bet his sisters will beg him to let them play along so
that they can all become their own crew of buccaneers. Who wants to be Wendy after all, when everyone can be Captain Hook? –Christina

Miss Natalie’s Pirate Supply Kit
is available at Fawn and Forest.

Congratulations to Chinn, lucky winner of the Pirate Supply Kit!