Rainbow Connection Color CraftI like doing crafts with my daughter, but usually one of two things happens: either the craft I come up with is lame (like taping purple things to a piece of paper and writing purple at the top) or the sites I visit for inspiration assume that I have such esoteric craft supplies as light corn starch or googly eyes on hand.

But I was recently introduced to Make and Takes. This beautiful kid-friendly craft site has got simple, non-lame crafts and activities, like prettying up your straws, or experimenting with color in a milky rainbow connection, both of which I would actually do. The site’s creator Marie LeBaron put in four years as a kindergarten teacher before staying at home with her kids, and the teacher-practicality definitely shines through.

My favorite thing of all on the whole site? The semi-homemade doughnuts recipe. One look at those gorgeous photos had me running to the pantry to see if I’ve got all the ingredients for my own batch. –Carrie

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