chocolate covered matzo from vosgesYou weren’t going to bring a bottle of Manischewitz for Passover were you? Fine, your call. But me, I would be running to my nearest gourmet store to grab a box of Dark Chocolate Matzo from Vosges. It is seriously one of the most incredible things you have ever tasted in your life, unleavened or not. It even comes packaged with cool little stories on Passover traditions around the world.

My one complaint: It’s kosher but not actually kosher for Passover. Good thing it will still be utterly delicious in a week.  –Liz

Find chocolate covered matzo and other chocolate gifts online at Vosges, or at a gourmet store near you.

And Psst..if you do want to show up with something alcoholic? Check out the article from this week’s New York Magazine about great kosher wines.