3-d t-shirt for kids from Invisible Stripes
It’s getting tougher and tougher to rock our worlds with kids tee shirts, but when we got a load of the kids tees from San Francisco based Invisible Stripes, we realized that nope, we haven’t seen it all. Not by a longshot.

First of all, the new spring toddler tees designs are adorable — all funky original illustrations by artist Gem Matteo of Gem Vs Gem on nice beefy shirts. But when we looked closer…what’s that? A 3-D tee shirt? Totally. The “Party Animal” design even comes with its own 3-D glasses, but the truth is, the shirt is still cool even after your toddler rips the glasses in half and feeds them to the dog.

gem matteo kids tee at invisible stripes
The other standout item is a cheshire cat solar activated t-shirt with UV inks that only show up in the sun. Thus the shop name – Invisible Stripes. Get it? (There’s a genie in a bottle kids’ tee that does the same thing.)

The idea behind the solar-activated tees is to blend art and fashion while getting kids excited to play outside, which is all awesome.  I only wonder how much playing they’re going to get in when all they really want to do is look down at their own clothing. –Liz

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Congratulations to lucky reader Nissa P, winner of an Invisible Stripes tee!

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