RosieBear Baby LogWhen each of my kids was born we had a mad scramble to figure out how to record the details of daily existence — eating, sleeping, and pooping, with an occasional weight check for good measure. Although it’s not a lot of information to keep track of, it sure does get lost in The Newborn Fog.

Deena Wachtel and sister Lisa (Aunt LaLa) took their family’s penchant for organizing and created RosieBear baby journals for moms like me. These cute hand-bound logs for new parents come in all sorts of adorable prints from modern florals to a retro outer space theme. Inside, you have 90 days worth of really simple charts for recording your newborn baby’s schedule, with space for keeping track of shots and growth and details of any sickness. They even have a twins baby journal with both babies on one page.

One other reason to use this log? To look back years from now and piece together those newborn moments. Or really, to marvel at how you survived feeding every two hours and never getting more than 45 consecutive minutes of sleep. -Carrie

Cute, functional baby journals at RosieBear online make great gifts for new moms and dads.

Congratulations to Cristina M, lucky winner of the RosieBear journal!