childrens blocks from sustainable wood
I notice when I hit the mass kids’ toy stores that the blocks are always in the boys section. It’s bizarre to me because both my daughters love blocks like a frat boy loves Spring Break. And I can assure you they’d go flat out bonkers for the vibrant, children’s blocks at Quiet Hours Toys.

Canadian educator Matt Hiebert designed these fair trade kids’ building blocks out of sustainable wood, all in unique shapes to get those fine motor skills going and help expand the idea of imaginative block play. Put one of those long pieces inside one of those squarey guys, repeat, stack, and you’ve got a rainbow castle, an evil robot, or a crazy truck, albeit one with square wheels.

And guess what — these kid-safe wooden toys are made in China. Responsibly. Some very good things are. –Liz

Find beautiful kids’ blocks and other fair-trade toys for kids at Quiet Hours Toys.

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