gold recycled bracelet at inhabitat shop
I think the final nail in the outmoded “eco=crunchy” coffin has been set firmly in place by our friends at the wonderful blog Inhabitat, who have just announced the opening of their brand new Inhabitat Shop. I want absolutely everything in there. And by everything I mean evvvvverything.

There’s a dandy selection of kids and baby gifts (like the knit octopus at right), stylish home accessories, cool clothes, and the beginnings of an awesome furniture department. But we’re particularly excited for the jewelry category which doesn’t have a clunker in the bunch.

Our pick – in time for Mother’s Day, the gorgeous gold multichained bracelet made entirely out of recycled materials which proves again that there’s more going on with eco-accessories than what can be grown in a hemp field.

knit octopus from inhabitat shop
This is a shop to bookmark, kirtsy, digg and delicious. You can be sure we already have. – Liz

Find all kinds of eco-friendly gifts and more at the new Inhabitat Shop

Congratulations to Christina W, lucky winner of the Inhabitat bracelet!



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