custom notepads and stationery from Shutterfly
Personalized stationery is one of those things I never think to buy for myself, but when I get it as a gift I tear through it. So when I was looking to maybe be a little proactive and refill the stash, I was shocked to find what it cost — or at least the stuff I like. I guess I have expensive taste like that.

I’m delighted to see that Shutterfly is now expanding their line past photo cards and offering personalized designer stationery at very reasonable prices. They’ve collaborated with stationery bigwigs like Boatman Geller and Stacey Claire Boyd, although every time I click on a design I like it seems to come from their in-house design team, Yours Truly. (Isn’t this evening clovers notepad pretty?)

The designs range from modern prints to prepster options that Grandma Buffy will love. If you are a major major paper nerd, you will see the difference between the printing on this and the stuff you probably used for your wedding. But otherwise, it’s hard to go wrong with personalized notecards that start in the  $1.29/each range for 25 cards. You can even get address labels to match, and the personalized notepads are pretty sweet too. Grab one now and you’ve got a Mother’s Day gift for less than 20 bucks. And she’s got no excuse for not sending a thank you note. –Liz

Find new personalized stationery and custom notepads at Shutterfly at great prices

Congratulations to extra-lucky stationery suite winners Cristina M, Hope B, Katie B, Picwing, and Yvonne W!


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