Cookie Word of Mom Awards
Just as Mother’s Day rolls around, we got some nice news — we’re a possible contender in Cookie Magazine’s Word of Mom Readers’ Choice Awards, a really cool annual survey of mom favorites.

We would be mighty honored if you would take a few minutes to click over and nominate Cool Mom Picks in the “online” category under Best Mom Blog. The top five in each category end up in some final contesty something or other and well, that would just make us happy.

But even if you have some other favorite mom blog (not that that’s even possible), it’s totally worth your time to fill out the survey. First of all, you get to stand up for your faves from kids clothing to beauty products to airline to snack food so that Cookie can give them each your seal of approval. But second, you’ll be entered to win a three-night stay for four people at a swanky resort in Santa Barbara.

Now that would be a Mother’s Day Gift we can get behind. –Liz + Kristen

Vote for Cool Mom Picks and all your other favorites in  Cookie Magazine’s Word of Mom Awards
before May 31.

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