Southern Brand Kids T-Shirts
When I moved to the Deep South almost 10 years ago, I admit it was a bit of a culture shock. Okay, I lied. It was a whole heckuva shock. Clearly I wasn’t the only person that saw the humor in aspects of the culture, as you can tell from the hilarious Southern Brand tees for babies and kids.

This guide to good Southern living has branched out to offer these super-soft, weathered tees sporting sayings with a whole lot of Southern pride, like This ain’t my first rodeo or my personal fave, I’m the only heck my mama raised. All without a gigantic hair bow or confederate flag to be found.

From the creative packaging (love the beer opener key chains!) to the simple, smart sayings, these shirts are the perfect gift for born and bred Southerners, or Yankees who are just hillbillies at heart. -Kristen

Check out all the cool t-shirts for kids at Southern Brand.

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Congratulations to Melanie L, winner of a Southern Brand tee!


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