Personalized stamps for children from Vlijtig
There are children, and then there are The Children Who Have Everything, and ack, I never know what the heck to get them for birthdays and holidays and weekend visits. Since I don’t have the money to go bigger (no pony for you, kid) I do my best to go cooler–and I’ve just found that very thing in the personalized stamps from Vltjig.

These are seriously the most awesome little gift I’ve laid my eyes on in a while. They’re created by a Dutch mom and architect who not only adds your kid’s name to the beautiful hand-carved stamp, she’ll create a little drawing of him or her based on a photo you send. You can use them to sign birthday cards, stamp gift wrap, or just let your kids go nutty with an ink pad and some construction paper.

Each handmade custom stamp will cost you in the 10-20 Euro range (email her for a quote) plus shipping so they’re not cheap little trinkets. But I guarantee you the wow factor will be about 100 times any of the more expensive gifts at the party. Besides maybe the pony. –Liz

Find personalized stamps for children from the Vlijtig blog

Just for CMP readers: Order by May 21 and mention Cool Mom Picks to get a free inkpad with your order.

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