Nouvelles Images Wall Decals - pirate wall stickers
After having a son, I quickly realized that boys tend to get that end of the stick when it comes to decor options. Basically, you’re stuck with some variation of planes, trains, or dinosaurs, and that’s really about it. If you’re lucky, maybe a space ship.

So when I found the pirate wall stickers from Nouvelles Images, a French-based design company, I just had to share. We’re already huge wall decal fans at our house, since we seem to be pretty fickle about design. Like most of the wall stickers we’ve featured, you can move and reposition them as much as you want. Plus the Nouvelles Images are playful and whimsical, but still artistically awesome.

And fear not. If pirates aren’t your thing, they’ve got a slew of cool designs, and even some pretty great girly ones too.

 Plus, of course, dinosaurs. -Kristen

You can find pirate wall decals from Nouvelles Images at our affiliate, or visit their website for a list of other e-tailers.


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