Little Prince puzzles at Comptoir d'EnfanceI must say, despite the CPSA I still remain most confident by mass produced toys when they’re made in Europe. The standards are consistently high, and the products seem made to last more than one kid. Or more than one month as the case often is. Plus, the French know a thing or two about cute.

Comptoir d’Enfance is a lovely little online shop filled entirely with French toys, decor, and wonderful baby gifts. You don’t even have to be a Francofile to love sweet Vilac pull toys or fun wall decals, but it would explain why I got all excited by the Little Prince puzzles.

I’m also loving the small but lovely assortment of baby clothes from the gorgeous baby shoes to the fair trade organic bibs that would make a great gift in a set of three. And I’m impressed by what is possibly the first ever children’s sleeping bag that doesn’t have a TV character anywhere near it.

The prices at the shop won’t entirely kill you and there’s a flat $8 shipping to North America which is decent if you’re ordering a few things. Could be worse. Could be an 8 hour plane ride behind a French guy who doesn’t believe in showers. Ooh — I totally went there, didn’t I. –Liz

Find French toys, nursery decor, baby clothes, and gifts for children at Comptoir d’Enfance
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