Wooden toys - giraffe and block wooden play set
This little wooden giraffe toy set spotted at the adorable shop My Sweet Muffin is a perfect marriage of toddler toys. First, you have the giraffe on wheels, which is adorable. Next, you have a set of domino-shaped pieces suitable for stacking or other imaginative play. Third, the dominoes fit neatly into the cart which can be hooked to the giraffe or used to tote other items. The whole shebang is made of up to twenty different kinds of wood and finished only in linseed oil so it’s naturally beautiful, and ready for years of playtime.

Surprisingly, it’s not even that expensive at $28. Anyone having a baby out there who needs a gift from me these days? -Mir

Find the Ecowooden Giraffe Domino set at My Sweet Muffin and CMP readers save 15% on purchases through 6/10/09 with discount code COOL15.

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