Gift Elephant never forgets a birthday. Or a gift.
I pride myself on my “gift closet”–I always have a few goodies stashed for those unexpected invitations, and it saves me tons of time and money to stock up at my leisure (and when things are on sale). But if I had a nickel for every time I had to stop and ask the kids if we gave one of those games to Jonathan at his party last year–well, I could buy my gifts at full price.

Other gifting organizers let you input people and dates, and send reminders, sure. But Gift Elephant does all of that and it allows you to keep track of both items given and received, and you can search accordingly. It even assists with thank you notes, and if you’re really pressed for time, use Gift Elephant to print, stamp and mail your notes for a small fee.

And yeah, it’s free to use for all of the organizing and indexing that even the most hardcore control freak could want. I’d tell you more, but I have to go finish inputting last year’s Christmas gifts. -Mir

Check out Gift Elephant and start organizing your gifting.

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