Get Waisted Tummy Tightening Lotion
It seems like no matter how much of the postpartum baby weight I lose, I’m still stuck with the loose belly skin. And since I’m not ready to go under the knife for a tummy tuck, I remain committed to giving topical options like Mama Mio’s new Get Waisted! body shaper lotion a shot.

I’ve long espoused the glories of Mama Mio natural skincare products, and this one is no different. This tummy tightening potion claims to get rid of puffiness, discourage fat deposits (sweet!), and improve the way your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells. It’s all done with natural ingredients like caffeine, and let’s just say given Mama Mio’s awesome reputation, I trusted it enough to smother it on my belly for 30 days straight.

Can you bounce a quarter off my stomach yet? Not really. But my skin definitely feels a bit tighter to me. And with bathing suit season here, that’s more than enough motivation to keep using it with fingers crossed. -Kristen

You’ll stretch mark lotions and gift sets for new moms, plus tons of other amazing products at celebrity fave Mama Mio.

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