Play All Day bookYou know who you are, you design-crazy parents: You scour flea markets looking for vintage picture books to turn into nursery art, you spent more time picking paint colors than pediatricians, and your greatest dream is to discover some lost Eames crib prototype on a street corner somewhere. For you–and me–there is Play All Day: Design for Children.

My first thought as I flipped through this wonderful coffee table book was that I should proactively shred all of my credit cards before I start
tracking down every single item in the 240 page volume. The authors share our own love for products and design from the likes of Pastel Toys, Binth Studio, Kideko and Bla Bla Kids, but the book delves further than products, with wonderful examples of architecture, interior design, art installations and even innovative photography exhibits, like the one from Jan Von Holleben whose amazing work graces the cover.

This book is a must for designers or wannabe designers out there, or simply parents looking for a little visual inspiration. But seriously, hide your plastic. –Liz

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