ugly trufflesThe only thing actually ugly about Ugly Truffles is the way they have forced me to behave since they arrived at my door; I am suspicious of anyone entering the kitchen  and laying a single pinkie within six inches of my Ugly Truffles. The accusations! The lies! The paranoia! Really, it has been ugly. Mea culpa.

Unpretentious cardboard boxes with kitschy stamps on the inside box top identify each cheeky, inventive flavor, from Homely Hazelnut to Oozy Boozy Caramel, to You Suck Lemon and Morning After Merlot. That way you have no excuse to bite one and put it back in the box. Not that you could do that anyway.

So um yeah, I guess you could say I love them. Love. LOVE.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeThe gift boxes make a fantastic hostess gift, shower favor or pregnancy survival gift at a decent price. Or consider Ugly Truffles’ equally remarkable  cousins, Damn Good Cookies – the Chubby Wubby Chocolate is outrageous eaten right out of the fridge, and the gourmet rugelach will have Jewish grandmas everywhere tossing their recipes for good.

If this is ugly, I don’t want to be beautiful. –Liz

Find Ugly Truffles and Damn Good Cookies online through Cake Sweet Food Chicago.