When the kids ask to fingerpaint, I conjure up visions of them covered in gelatinous, who-knows-what goo which doesn’t make me too eager to indulge them in their favorite medium. But, when they come calling with puppy-dog eyes and promises to clean up after themselves, I at least can feel better about the paints they use when I pull out Eco-Kids’ Eco-Fingerpaint Tube.

Using only natural plant, fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, the paints arrive in powder form in five tightly sealed containers which, like the company’s cool Eco-Dough, are totally compostable. I like that the powder format allows me to mix up only as much paint as my nerves can bear to later see smeared all over the place. (If you value your sanity, do the mixing of the paints yourself.)

The paints don’t have the same gooey feel of the fingerpaints we’ve used before, and the blue is a bit gray, but I suppose these are small sacrifices for all-natural paints. Because when your wee one forgets himself and sticks his paint-covered hands into his eyes, or more likely, mouth, you’ll be thankful you chose to go all-natural.

Eco-Kids’ Fingerpaint is available at Grow Green Baby. And get 15% off your entire purchase with code “coolmom” at checkout.

Congratulations to Lisa C, lucky winner of the Eco-Fingerpaints!

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