Rebeka Potter pretend BloK
wheely bloK
I don’t have a lot of hand painted art on my walls, especially in the nursery. But I can easily change that with Brooklyn-based Rebekah Potter’s diminutive BloKs, essentially 3.5 x 5″ wooden blocks with a word and matching illustration, all hand painted in acrylic and ready to hang on the wall.

She has several in her shop that work in a child’s room such as Play, Pretend, and Chick, but what’s really cool is that you can commission your own to celebrate your child’s accomplishments (think Graduate) interests (think Dance) or milestones (think Tooth).

Each BloK also comes with the year on the back (I know, you think you won’t forget). I’m thinking that Sing and Jump would be a great way to describe my toddler’s favorite activities of 2009. Maybe one of these days Potty will finally be on my wall? –Carrie

Find handpainted art BloKs from RBKH Designs

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