moleskine days that count desk calendar
When everyone else started using electronics to keep track of playdates I gave it a shot, but it wasn’t for me. I’m definitely a paper person. I love to go back and flip through old date books like written photo albums of my life. So when I heard that cult favorite Moleskine was doing some really inventive things as far as 2010 planners for moms like me I went wild.

The Colour-A-Month Daily Planner is actually a set of 12 lightweight, colorful notebooks. Even though they’re only slightly larger than an index card, there’s ample space and at the end of the month, you can return it to the hard storage case and swap in a new one.

The other item I like is the brand new Days That Count desk calendar (shown) which would be a great alternative to the baby book, and a smart baby shower gift for someone not so into the pink gingham. Jot down the date your daughter picked up her first Cheerio and then store it in the attached pocket for a year’s worth of monumental, memorable dates.

Trust me: You think you’ll always remember the day your kid took his first step; be on the safe side and write it down. Ideally somewhere cool. -Betsy

Find a great collection of new 2010 Moleskine planners at Barnes and Noble online

Congratulations to Michelle R, lucky winner of the desk calendar and daily planner!


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