Kidishes kid friendly tempered glass dishes
Since all the issues with BPA surfaced, I, like many of you, have been on the search for safe glass kids dishes. But the combination of glass and two rambunctious kiddos means that they’d need to include some Xanax in the package.

I am beyond excited to have discovered Zoeborganics’ new Kidishes, a set of kid-friendly tempered glass dishes that are both dishwasher safe and microwave friendly. That means no heating things up in a ceramic or glass and then transferring to BPA-free plastic. Plus, I like the idea of my kids, especially my five-year old, eating off “real” plates that aren’t my nice dishes.

If you’re still worried about the glass, check out the adorable video of 6 year old Zoe testing the dishes out. Based on what we can see, unless your kids plan on juggling 14 of them at once, these are definitely a fantastic plastic alternative. Hooray! -Kristen

Visit Zoeborganics for Kidishes and other eco-friendly products for moms and kids.

[via kid haus]


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