Baby Brain iPhone app for new parents
Proving the quip that, Yep, there’s an app for that, Baby Brain has created the ultimate iPhone app that we think you new moms will love for tracking baby’s vital stats. Once you’ve programmed in your baby (or babies), it’s as simple as the press of a button to log diapers, sleep, even every possible detail about feedings, from how many ounces in a bottle to which boob and for how long.

I especially love that you can press a button to start the boob timer, in case–like me–you’re prone to nodding off while baby nurses.

It’s all right there in your phone, easy to input with a single finger, and the next time you’re at the pediatrician and she wants to know “how many” or “how often,” you’ll have the answer. Even if you haven’t had more than a couple hours of sleep. Which will be often, as we all know. -Mir

Get the Baby Brain iPhone app from the iTunes Store.

Congratulations to Lysa R, lucky winner of the Baby Brain iPhone app download!

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