I am one of those moms who avidly resisted a DVD in the car until I finally broke down before a 10-hour car trip with two under three. Even so, I am a strong believer in looking out the window, playing word games, and singing along to music, with the DVD as a very last resort.

Table Topics, which we raved about when they first launched, aren’t just for tables. In fact, these decks of provocative questions make rockin’ road trip and dinnerĀ table distractions.

Family table topics cube box: Great for road trips or dinner conversation

The Kids Topics cardsĀ and the Family Table Topics cardsĀ are a great way to keep all ages in the back seat or at the holiday table happy without the need for a power source, but I love the idea of stashing an adult set in the front seat for after the kids (hopefully) fall asleep. In fact there’s a new set of ’80s Table Topics cards that’s right up my alley with questions like What was the first hip hop song you liked? (The Breaks, Curtis Blow) and Which Love Boat character are you most like? (Um…Charo?) No doubt we could get halfway to Florida just debating the top three all time music videos question.

I also like the new travel size sets of cards with BBQ and picnic themes that would make a great little hostess gift for under $10. Just try not to get in any fights about hot dogs versus hamburgers, okay?

Find Table Topics at tabletopics.com and at various cool boutiques