Baby Sleep Sack by Violet's Peapod
While I can’t say that sleep sacks miraculously kept my kids from waking up, they at least kept me from needlessly running to their cribs to cover them up or untangle them from their web of blankets. It’s a great practical gift for new moms, but it seems as though most baby sleep sacks are styled with the idea that kids are wearing them in the dark.

That is clearly not the case with the gorgeous Mandarin Fun baby sleep sack from Violet’s Peapod. Fashioned in their unique signature pea pod shape to give baby’s feet plenty of room to kick around, this sleeveless sleeping bag is a clear stand out with the amazing vintage inspired Asian fabric that’s 100% cotton and machine washable.

Considering how much we use sleep sacks around here, I’d just as soon have traded in half of the lovely but impractical blankets we received for a few of these beauties. -Kristen

Visit Violet’s Peapod for the Mandarin Fun baby sleep sack and other styles.

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