Since giving up wheat, there are a few foods I no longer miss, and others I dream about regularly. One of the items I’ve fantasize about binging on is chocolate chip cookies. I’d just not found a suitable replacement without the gluten.

So I was excited to try the new Kids Central Kitchen 360 Chocolate Chip Flip bar cookie mix. Would it fill that Tollhouse-shaped hole in my heart?

The answer is… yes and no. This is not the mix to buy if you want a cookie. But! This is absolutely the mix to buy if you miss cake. Although they call it a bar cookie mix, our results were moist and cake-y and utterly delicious. I fed it to my (non-gluten-free) children and they had no idea it was one of “Mom’s special foods.” I also froze the leftovers in wrapped single-servings, and they’re ideal for grabbing a quick dessert when I need a wheat-free option because they taste just as good when defrosted. (Or, you know, while still frozen. Ahem.)

I thought I’d continue my search for the ideal cookie, but after a few days of eating these… I think that I may be a Flip convert. Call it a cookie, call it cake; just call me when they’re ready. -Mir

You can buy the 360 Chocolate Chip Flip mix directly from Kids Central Kitchen.