RunPee iPhone ApplicationI’m pretty sure my pregnant bladder had a mind of its own, ensuring that I would have to run to the bathroom at all the most inopportune times. You know, like immediately after you pass a rest stop on the highway, just when you fall asleep, and right at the good part in the movie.

But with the RunPee (hilarious, right?) iPhone App, you just enter any movie currently in theaters that you’re watching, and you’ll get a subtle vibration when it’s a good time time to go, well, run and pee. Or, if you’re not pregnant, get a refill on Twizzlers and Milkduds. If you’re feeling brave and think you can hold it, the application lets you know when the next pee break is coming and it even gives you a summary of what you missed so you don’t have to bug the person next to you when you get back to your seat.

If you’re not pregnant but you’ve got the “I had three babies” bladder like me, I’m betting it works just as well for us too. -Kristen

Commiserate with other weak-bladdered people with the RunPee iPhone app.

[via techmamas; photo credit]

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