BrainFlips free custom flash cards onlineKids these days have it so easy: Cell phones, computers, and cartoons on TV twenty-four hours a day. Technology has even made studying a cinch. No more Encyclopedia Britannica — now it’s all about search engines. But flashcards are one classic study method that hasn’t been improved upon by technology, until now.

Check out BrainFlips – an amazing way to create your own multimedia online flashcards when you’re teaching your kids the state capitals, basic arithmetic, animals complete with animal sounds, or learning a new language before a big trip.  Enter the questions, fill in the answers, keep your decks private, or you can share them online with your own study groups — and it’s all absolutely free. (But you will have to weed through a whole lot of Google ads on the site in return. Folks have to make their money somehow.)

I know I sound like a total nerd, but I’m really blown away by all the capabilities. Now I’ve got a great way to help my kids learn to study better than I ever did. -Julie

Make your own multimedia flashcards at BrainFlips