Silikids drinking glasses for toddlersWith my oldest daughter’s recent transition from sippy cups to regular cups, I’m having to scrounge around for our collection of BPA-free IKEA plastic cups that tend to end up in our bath tub as play toys instead of filled with milk on our dinner table.

So that’s why I’m digging the new silicone sleeved glass tumblers from Silikids. We already love all their smart silicone-based products for kids, so it’s not a surprise that we’re equally enthralled with their new glassware. The tumblers are the perfect size for little kid hands, and the sleeves not only protect the glasses but help in the “grab and grip” department as well. 

Keep in mind that these cups are still made of glass, but I’ve found that since they’re a little heavier than her other cups, my daughter actually does a little better with them. Hooray for less spills and less plastic. -Kristen

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