Chi Chi Amor Plush Rattles
I make no apologies about dissuading people from giving stuffed animals as baby gifts because the damn things just seem to spawn and multiply overnight. But I could easily make an exception when it comes to the gorgeous plush baby rattles that are a result of an awesome collaboration between artist P$YNNER and the mom-owners of Chi Chi Amor.

Each animal and doll rattle is handcrafted from soft felt and a recycled Huipil, a traditional Guatemalan shirt, making it a completely one-of-a-kind piece. And the rattle inside turns it from simply a baby-sized lovey into an actual toy. These sweet rattles are obviously created with love, and that’s just the message that be giving when you hand one to a new baby. -Kristen

Chi Chi Amor for a plethora of Mayan-inspired kids clothes and handmade gifts.

Congratulations to Ira S., lucky winner of the plush doggie rattle from Chi Chi Amour!?

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