eames chair artwork from Byrd & Belle
There are a lot of me-too etsy type online marketplaces cropping up these days, though most of them fall a little (or a lot) flat on execution. But 1000 Markets? So awesome I don’t even know where to begin.

1000 Markets is beautiful, it’s navigable, and it’s mercifully well-organized. You can browse and search for individual artist’s shops, look at dozens of product categories, or browse through online markets which group products by categories like food (warning: you will drool), by locations like Chicago, or by style, like modern simplicity which is right up my alley, and very well curated. That also happens to be where I spotted the way fabulous 4″ felt stitched Eames chair artwork from Minneapolis’ Byrd and Belle, and the striking pleated vintage fabric clutch from Stash (both shown here). If you’ve got time for one market, I’d say hit this one.

The children’s market aptly named Child’s Play isn’t as strong I imagine it will get, but you’ll find some cute items like the made-to-order (and very affordable) child’s robot tote from Giggling Goldfish, and the absolutely magical and quirky finger puppets from the professional puppeteers at Finger Pie. Let’s just say they have a bacon puppet.

vintage fabric clutch from Stash
Sites like these remind me just how much incredible talent and artistry there is in this world, and how lucky we are to have the technology to allow us access to it all. Enjoy. –Liz

Bookmark 1000 Markets for an amazing selection of art,? jewelry, food, home decor, children’s gifts and a looooot more

Congratulations to Theresa L., winner of the 1000 Markets gift pack!


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