funky lunch sandwich images
I do not have six million free hours in my day but if I did, I just might consider turning my kids’ sandwich into a giraffe. Or a caterpillar. Or Sponge Bob. Just because I could.

And if I were to do that kind of a thing, I would have to hit the website Funky Lunch, which has the most remarkable gallery of sandwiches cum children’s art that you’ve ever seen. There are no instructions, but a book from the creators is forthcoming. Although if you look closely, you can kind of figure the simple ones out. I’d bet I could pull off that Hello Kitty with a cucumber, a cherry tomato, some ham and a good sharp knife.

Oh my gosh, it might even get my daughter to eat something besides peanut butter. Suddenly, I’m on it. –Liz

[via ohdeedoh, makezine]

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