With the kids heading back to school, the birthday party circuit will be starting up again. If your kid is old enough to read, you may understand my temptation to give other kids books rather than more toys. The problem is that while their parents might love you for it, not every kid is delighted to receive a book.

Except that every kid will be delighted to receive this book: Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. It’s a masterpiece manual of embracing creativity and bucking the ordinary, and entirely made to be destroyed. Really! So yes, by all means, write in it, create art in it, but also follow the prompts to rip out pages, take it into the shower, even use the designated page as your dinner napkin to document your meal.

It’s the perfect gift for young and old alike, for the truly  destructive and those with just a little mischievous creative streak in them.

Check out the Keri Smith’s website to learn more, or buy it from our affiliate, Amazon.