Ceramic kids' dishes from notNeutral - airplane pattern
When my kid were old enough to stop smacking their cereal bowls with their hands to flip them, I was excited to trade up from the melamine dish set we had. Besides, I was getting kind of tired of the same bright orange every day. I think what I had envisioned was something like the beautiful ceramic dish set for kids from notNeutral.

The coordinated bowl, plate and cup in the modern transport set is just adorable, and kids will love that little airplane surprise on the bottom if they finish all their mac n cheese. (Or is that just my kids who need coaxing – even for mac n cheese?) If trains and planes aren’t your thing, check out the seasons set incorporating leaves and chicks and sweet butterflies.

The sturdy ceramic porcelain is a great intermediary step between baby dishes and what mommy and daddy use. Go on – hold your breath ad take the plunge. You know you want to. –Liz

Find these lovely ceramic dish set for kids and more at notNeutral

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