Swap Mamas - swap kids' clothes and toys online
I used to do the consignment thing with my kids’ outgrown clothes, but I’ve just not found a store in our new locale that has enough stuff I want to buy to make it worth my while to sell there. And I admit that dropping bags anonymously at Goodwill can be hard when they contain something my kids really loved.

Swap Mamas is the social media answer to a consignment shop – a way to send your gently used items to a new home, and find the items you need yourself all while connecting with like-minded parents. It’s like a giant karma circle of decluttering and hand-me-downs, and in this economy, who isn’t excited about that?

You can trade items, give stuff away, or barter for services or crafts with one of the other 2500 members so far. Generally you as the giver pay for shipping, but it comes back to you when you’re getting stuff on your end. Or you can search the swap groups by community, and hook up in person.

Swap Mamas is green, it’s free, and it’s another way to meet and mingle with other parents who want to cut down on stuff. In short, it’s fabulous. -Mir

For a smart online swap meet just for parents, visit Swap Mamas

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