Citiblocs Sea Serpent - wooden blocks
With all the building toys in my three-kid household, I find it amusing that their new favorite is a box of same-sized, non-painted, rectangular pieces of wood from CitiBlocs.

You can almost hear all the other blocks protesting, “But I’m colorful!”, “I snap together!”, “I come in 65 different shapes!”. No matter. CitiBlocs wooden block sets may be plain and simple, but to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, oh the things they can do.

CitiBlocs are made from New Zealand’s renewable and affordable Radiata Pine and we have turned our pile of blocks into a truck, a train and my interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. But the designs I really covet in the enclosed instruction book are the too-cool sea serpent (shown here) and Seattle’s Space Needle which both have me clamoring to order bigger sets.

The perfectly cut ends stand up fairly easily–a toddler will get frustrated, but my almost-five year old is a pro—and because the wooden pieces are so light, they can stack higher and higher, or hang off the side as if taunting gravity. Or maybe they’re just taunting the other blocks in our house. –Christina

You’ll find great prices on CitiBlocs natural wooden building blocks for kids from 52 to 1000 pieces, at both Glamma Toys and our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Julianne, lucky winner of a set of CitiBlocs!

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