Baby book from Rag and BoneI think that mothers fall into two camps: Those who filled out their baby books and those who didn’t. Now Rag & Bone Bindery (who I love love loooove) has a fantastic solution for the latter camp who wants to be in the former camp, with their handmade 12 Wishes for Baby Book.

Each small, beautifully bound book has a slot to paste a photo, followed twelve simple writing prompts like You can always count on me because… and When they write your life story it will begin like this… all ending with the lovely My wish for you… which might take you as long as the rest of the book combined, if you’re me. It’s a low commitment baby book and yet the result is every bit as thoughtful.

There are more than three dozen lovely covers to choose from, ranging from cool red rockets to to sweet little birds to traditional pinks and blues.

But the best part is (besides the lack of time required to fill it out) that the prompts are written in such a way that they make a fabulous welcome to the world gift from nearly anyone–adoptive parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles all have a sweet new baby gift idea that’s more meaningful than a stuffed animal. –Liz

Find the 12 Wishes for Baby Book and other beautiful handmade baby books, brag books and more at Rag and Bone.

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Congratulations Erin B., lucky winner of Rag and Bone’s 12 Wishes for Baby book!