Crocheted bird baby rattle
Just when I’m convinced that I have indeed found the cutest rattles ever, I take a spin through etsy and find stiff competition in the handmade birdie baby rattles from Mamachee.

These rattles feature sweet little birds on a brown handle, all of which are hand crocheted by an Alaskan stay-at-home-mom and are the perfect size for little hands. The combination of the bright colors and adorable bird face are pretty darn cute, but the felted heart detail on the back took it right over the edge for me. 

It’s one of the most impactful baby gifts under $25 that I’ve seen, but if you’re handy with a crochet needle yourself, you can purchase the knit rattle pattern for a mere $5. Either way, you’re getting a steal. -Kristen

Visit Mamachee for adorable baby rattles and crochet patterns, and if you’re new to Etsy (what?!), check out our weekly Etsy roundups.

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